Typeface Animation

Sinister Menacing Typeface “Drosera”




Typeface Designer

3D Motion

Animated Typeface for genre re-defining Short Animated film: Drosera.

Directed by Jared Beltran.

Curve to Mesh Growth

Curves plotted to the design act as paths for mesh to grow

Goop Remesh Process

Refining the shape of the goo

Design Concept

Jared Beltran is an animation student at the University of Texas at Dallas. His vision is to create a Creature Feature that redefines the genre of animation. He believes animated films can be more than just children’s fairytales.

He entrusted me to set the tone of his film. I wanted to create something evil and wretched as well as squirmy and sharp to match the main creature.

Preliminary Title Sequence